SMS is a quick, efficient, and cost-effective form of communication. It was invented in a field of communications where physical writing was a slow and cumbersome process. Unlike letters and posters, writing a simple text message can be done in a few seconds, and even if it took days for a letter or advertisement to reach a distant place, using this mode of communication will only take a few seconds to reach a distant person.

People are now learning how to use the Messenger Service to send SMS.

This is especially true among the business owners that have to send data across a wider area. But the truth is that most of us have been using this form of messaging already and continue to use it for sending information to a much wider range of people.

SMS has already gained more popularity than the internet. It seems that it has already taken over in the eyes of many people especially as an effective and quick way of communication. When the phone no longer serves any function as a medium of communication, we only need to think of using the SMS to send any data, information, or images to a large number of people around the world.

The reason why so many people prefer the SMS to the traditional methods of communication is that it is cheap and is often faster as well. For companies that are willing to expand their network to millions of subscribers, this is a good advantage. They do not have to set up their own server and it does not come with any additional costs.

It is also possible to send SMS to just about anyone in the world at any time, since they are sent through networks that can easily connect to your mobile phones. They are messages that are a lot shorter and less demanding compared to those emails that are being sent. The amount of data that you have to send is so small that the sender only needs to enter the cell phone number of the recipient, which is usually displayed on the display of the phone.

Text messages however also have its drawbacks. Firstly, it is not as easy to send the messages as it is to send an email, unless you know the recipient’s phone number or address. It is not easy to receive a message, and if you want to send an SMS to a particular person, you have to write it to them personally.

These reasons make SMS more of a personal affair

and less of a business one. If you are also sending out a regular SMS to your employees, you have to save all your text messages for a certain period of time. If you are not going to be able to read what they send back, it is pointless sending it to them. It may end up sending them to the junk mailbox of the recipient.

Secondly, while it is relatively easier to send messages to a large number of people using SMS, it is also much more difficult to receive a response. When you send an SMS to a friend or family member, they can usually see it immediately. On the other hand, when you send it to a company, you have to wait until they receive it.

A good thing that has arisen with the development of SMS is the rise of the automated texting service. It can help a lot of people who do not know how to send messages through text, but they also receive the messages automatically. You can even create your own database of contacts, and this will ensure that your messages are sent out to them immediately and by the right recipients.

The question remains though whether you can actually use SMS as a form of advertisement. There are companies that have tried to market by using the SMS system, but it has been mostly unsuccessful.

  • You have to remember that people today are much more self-conscious of their privacy and will reject any form of advertisement that comes from a commercial enterprise.
  • Another point that you need to keep in mind is that a cell phone does not have any memory capacity.
  • While the person might be able to read the text messages of the SMS that you send, it will only have one chance to show the message and it is then erased. put to a trash folder.