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|| PeArL oF tHe DaY ||

The Intellect Is Better Than Desire
Intellect Makes U A King Over Ur Destiny
Desire Makes U a Slave Of Ur Destiny ...
[ Hazrat Ali R.A ]
|| PeArL oF tHe DaY ||
" If ...
YoU StArt JuDgInG
PeOpLe ,
yOu WiLl Be HaViNg
No TiMe tO lOvE tHeM ... "

[Mother Teresa]
// T o D a Y z
T h O u G h T //
" A l W a Y z
F o R g I v E
y O u R
E n E m I e S ,
N o T h I n G
A n N o Y z
T h E m
A z
M u C h ... "
| A BeaUtIfUl tHoUgHt |
Alwayz  Learn
The Wisdom
Of Compromise
Its Better  To Bend
A Little
Rather Than  To Break
Any Relation  Forever ....

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