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The "Rain" may cover the
"Sun" but we know that the

"Sun" never forgets to shine,
just like u.I may not even see u often.

But you always "Shine" in my Prayers.
Bcz Of Our Relation
smile ever. udas never.
speak ever. gumsum never.

share ever. hide never.
care ever. left never.

think me ever. 4get me never.
friend 4ever
If SoMeOnE AsKs Me What is FRIENDSHIP"I wOuLd SiT nExT TO yOu, PuLL YoU aLL CloSe tO Me, PuT mY ArMs ArOuNd YoU aNd sAy pRoUdLy,

  "DiS Is
Rishto ki ehmiyat batate hai faasle..

        Magar thoda tadpate hai faasle..

        Dilo me ho na duri dua karna..

        Chahe yu hi rahe milo ke faasle
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