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If You Really Love Someone Arrange This Words In The Correct Sequence..
Love/ Ever/ You/ Hate/ Me/ Like/ Heart/ For/ If/ You/ Never/ In/ Life.
Rply Is Must ;->
Answer :-
If You Hate Me , Like You Never Love Me , Forever In Life....!!!
If You Love Me , Like You Never Hate Me , Forever In Life....!!!

In Alphabats Ko Sahi Terteeb De Kr English Ka Word Banta He
Jisko Sucha Pyar Krne Wala Hi Bana Sakta Hy
Its A Big Chalenge4u
Answer :=
Make U Fool
Eyes R Windows To The Soul,
Wat Do U C In My Eyes?
Naughtiness Pain Hope
Emotions Shyness
Love Quitness Fright Depth
Or Innocence.? Reply Wid Honesty
Maths Magic
Multiply ur date of Birth with 2
add 840 in answer.
now divide by 2
subtract ur date of birth from answer.
and answer represent ur personality.
Try it. It is True
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