Good Morning SMS
All mornings are like Paintings:-

U need a little inspiration to get going,a little smile to

brighten up & AMS from someone who cares to color ur


[email protected]@D [email protected] a Nice Day
Some days are cloudy and grey,
And it seems as if the rain is
Chasing all your dreams away.
While other days r bright and sunny,
Making you feel as though the feats
You can accomplish are many.
On this particular day, I have but
One wish coming your way.
I hope you have a wonderfully nice day!

Aasman me itne tare ho ki
asma na dikhai de,

Aap ki zindagi me itni khushiya ho,

ke gam na dikhai de,

Dont run ahead of God,

Let Him direct your steps.
He has plans & He has time.
God's clock is never early nor late.

It always strikes on time.

Gud Morning!
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