Good Luck SMS
when things go wrong...
when sadness fills ur heart...
when tears flow in ur eyes...always remember 3 things


2---ur parents

3---my sincere prayers.....GOD LUCK&God bless u
happiness is like a butterfly" u run after it,

it keeps flying away. but if u stand still ,

it comes and SITS on u.

with best wishes& God luck.
pholoon ki wadi mai ho basera tera

sitaron k angan mai ho ghar tera

dua hai ik dost ki ik dost ko.....

k tuj se b khobsurat ho muqadder tera....

God bless u..
when u face problems in life, don"t ask GOD to take them away.

Ask Him to show His purpose- Ask ways how to live a day

searching his purpose for you. GOD BLESS And

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