Get Well Soon SMS
May the little flower, laying in gloom, Rise and bloom,

Swaying endlessly, this way and that way,

Morn to dusk, everyday. Get Well Soon!
very well know the reason,

why u r taking too long to recover,

u r realy being nurse-d there.

joke a part, but still,

wishing u speedy recovery
Heard that you"re not feeling well. So brought flowers for you to

make you feel Healthier and Happier. Get Well Soon!
Early in da morning sun rise with may hopse but its set with
hopelessly. all da flowers were bloom this evening with pleasant
smell but its now wither awfully n tonight all the stars came out
to play a signal but all of them are not shining, cos all they nows
my friend is sick wish u a cure soon and healthy days ahead
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