FriendShip SMS ( ENGLISH )
Few Excellent Friends r Better than
Mäny Gööd Friends
& 1 Sincere Cool &
Caring Friend z Müch Better than

Few Excellent Friends!
Thanx God
hv Me,
FRIENDS are like a page in a Book of life

Every page have a DIFFERENT SUBJECT

But you are my INDEX PAGE

Covering EVERY SUBJECT of  my life!GOOD.MORNING.
  ;/  ("v")";   /";"/
  /;./ "v"   './   %./

LOVE is not only made for Lovers;

its also for FRIENDS

who love each other better than Lovers!

Tik TiK !
Tik Tik !
Plz, open ur door,
Delivery for u.
A  big bunch of tree  just for u .
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