Adult SMS
Child: Papa aunti ka pait kiun phula hai

Father: i know, tu sab janta hai

Child: i don't know, trust me

Father: In k pait mai pani bhara hai

Child: Ohoo!! phir Papa bacha to doob jaiga
BOY:pora under gaya?


Boy:Zyada lag to nahin rha na?

Girl:Haan thora thora...

BOy:Oye sheeday baji ko 8 number wala joota dikhana:)
A 50 years old man during fucking an old woman of 90,starts suckung her breasts,after 10 min the man got died,police came and make postmartum report,in report it was written that the milk was xpired.....
wts the difference b/t a burnt toast & a pregnant gf?

in both cases u wish kash do sec pehle nikal lia hota
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